PGME Product

Pig indicator

A pig signaler indicates that a cleaning or controlling scraper or either a sphere separator has passed through a scraper trap or a pipeline.

It can be fitted out with an electric contactor signal (IP 300) with or without visual indicator. A special version (IP 210) fitted out with a ball valve to allow setting up and dismantling under pressure is also available. Our pig signaler can also be equipped with an extension for buried pipe.

Basic Model (IP 201) is bidirectional and fitted with a red visual head and it can either be used at scraper entrance or exit.

The basic model (IP200) is bidirectional and is equipped with a red head.

Our indicators can be used for the entry and the exit of pigs. When a scraper passes, the lever (1) which hangs in the pipe is pushed to come into contact with the internal wall. This immediately releases the visual head (3) by moving the hook (2) aside.

The red head which was in horizontal position is then vertical and is thus very clearly visible on the pipe.

The indicator is reset by tilting the indicator disc (3) horizontally and hooking it with the locking hook (2).

Resetting our indicators is extremely simple : all you have to do is lower the head to horizontal position. The parts of the internal mechanism are made of stainless steel. The base to be welded on the pipe is made of A350LF2 or A333Gr6.

The indicator can be fitted with a head with an electrical signaling contact (IP 300), with or without visual indicator.

A special version (IP 210), equipped with a valve on the body, allows the disassembly and reassembly of the mechanism under pressure. The indicator can be fitted with an extension for buried pipes.

  • Visual, electric or mixed
  • Removable on pressure