PGME Product

Gas metering

PGME designs and manufactures diaphragms to measure the volume of gas passing through a pipe, from a pressure difference created by an orifice plate.

The two models, single chamber or double chamber, comply with the ISO 5167 standard which guarantees the accuracy of the measurement. Diaphragms can therefore be used for transactional measurements.

The two models can be integrated into a complete counting ramp, composed of straight lengths calibrated upstream and downstream, of flow rectifier, the design and manufacture of which are mastered by PGME.

A safety screw prevents the pressure device from opening and protects operators from accidental opening.

But the “double chamber” version allows you to change the orifice plate in complete safety, without removing the pressure in the installation.

A wide range according to CODAP or ASME, from 2 to 36 “in single chamber and from 2 to 20” in double chamber, can cover your pressure needs from 20 to 250 bar.

The annual dimensional and visual verification of the diaphragms can be carried out by PGME. The company is approved by the French Ministry of Industry to validate the compliance of orifice plates with the ISO 5167 standard.


PGME counting ramps are composed of diaphragm holders whose diaphragm is a perforated and calibrated plate. In addition, all gaskets are standard and only a wrench is required for dismantling the system (all screws are the same size). All this contributes to reducing maintenance costs.

PGME designs and manufactures two types of diaphragm holders, the first (PO100), single chamber, requiring the device to be purged during maintenance, the second (PO200), double chamber, allowing maintenance to be carried out while keeping the vessel under pressure.

The PO100 and PO200 models are subject to model approval from DN50 to DN600 in France and Algeria as a transactional counting instrument.

The counting ramps are in accordance with ISO 5167, all dimensional controls are provided by PGME and are subject to control reports (accountant ramps and diaphragm).


The PO100 orifice plate holder is designed for systems that can be purged because the device must be opened for maintenance operation. The orifice plate (1) is placed on a support (2) screwed on the cover (3). This cover is fixed on the body (4) with two nuts. Finally, a safety cover (5) prevents loosening of the nuts when the device is under pressure. In fact, this cover (5) is linked to the cover by three screws, including a security screw (6) which cannot be removed when the system is under pressure.


The PO200 diaphragm holder is designed for systems that cannot be purged during maintenance.

The orifice plate holder can be safely removed while allowing fluid to circulate thanks to an innovative system developed by PGME.

The diaphragm holder consists of two chambers (1-2) separated by a valve (3). To remove the orifice plate holder, the bezel (4) is raised using the crank (6) to the upper chamber (2). Then the valve is closed to isolate the upper chamber. Then using the tap (5), the chamber is purged. The security screw (7) which cannot be removed under pressure is then removed. The upper chamber can now rotate (2) to lower the clamp pad (4) to reach the orifice plate (8).