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Expertise, from the design to installation

L'expertise, de la conception à l'installation


Our guaranties

  • An adapted and efficient product
  • A responsive and personalized service
  • Privileged relationships
  • Quality and safety

PGME has specialized itself in the on site expertise of devices installed on the gas, petrol or water pipe lines, in the aspect of their restoration: Insulating joints, diaphragm holder, fast opening doors, filters, pig stations, repair sleeves, etc...
After inspection and possibly dismantling the devices, PGME :

  • verifies their compliance to the applicable standards and regulations
  • carries out the modification impact study and the assessment of spare parts required
  • ensure the fabrication of new parts
  • carries out the reassembly and the commissioning in service of the installations.

PGME executes the safety study of installations by adapting key transfer locks enabling the interlocking of different equipments of a site.

PGME ensures the maintenance of its own equipments and all other equipments on site or in a workshop

From the design to the installation

The design department analyses your needs, creates custom-made equipment or adapts existing PGME products. It operates from within the 2500 m² workshop equipped with modern machinery and which can be easily extended. Our teams are available to accompany you in the field and to explore every solution in order to satisfy your requirements.