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Expertise, from the design to installation

L'expertise, de la conception à l'installation

Pressure devices for the transportation of gas and oil by pipeline.

Based near Albi in France, PGME is specialized in design, production , commissioning, rehabilitation and maintenance of pressure devices for the transportation of gas and oil by pipeline. PGME offers a wide range of high quality products internationally recognized.

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PGME was created in 1999. Its two creators, Mr Delaroque and Mr Besombe had a long experience in pressurized fluids and petrol & gas  transportation.

At the beginning, PGME sold expert evaluations, studies for modifying or securing existing equipments for particular customers such as GDF or TOTAL. Then, on its customers’ request, and  taking into account the market needs, PGME began to design and produce several ranges of accessories for pipeline.

At this time PGME worked with different french companies: engineering consulting firm, petrol or gas transportation or producing firms that sometimes could install PGME's products abroad.

In 2007, PGME was sold to Renaud Vignon who had a solid experience in industry business ( Michelin, Saint Gobain).  From this time, strategic changes were operated, PGME did not only provide services, it also produced new devices. PGME's annual turnover regulary increases, especiallyr on export business, in big international infrastructures for petrol or gas transportation.

In 2014, PGME' s export business represented  80% of its production.

Settled in Lescure d’Albigeois near Albi, in the south-west of France, PGME is easily reachable by the RN88 (Toulouse – Albi-Rodez –Lyon).  Toulouse Airport is only 1 hour far from Albi and PGME can then benefit from many international flights  in particular to Europe or Maghreb.

ISO 9001 certified since 2006,  PGME's products are also often qualified by the French main contractors. Its employees are regularly trained to maintain a high level of qualification.

Today, PGME offers  a wide range of high quality products, easy to install and operate. Its team can developp and adapt its product to match its customers' needs..

  • Quick opening closures
  • Insulating joints
  • Gas pressure regulator stations
  • Scraper trap
  • Filtration systems
  • Gas heaters
  • Gas flow metering systems
  • Gas analyzers
  • Pig indicator
  • Pressure relief valves
  • Isolation valves, line shut off valves,

Our Teams

PGME offers  you a sum of talent and expertise :

The design team combines complementary skills: engineers, product development, draughtsman, and technicians.

The design department analyses your needs, creates custom-made equipment or adapts existing PGME products.

The manufacturing team is composed of EN/ASME qualified welders and assembly technicians.

PGME also relies on a network of qualified partners to supplement its production facilities.

These team operate  within the 2500 m² workshop fitted with modern equipments and which can easily be extended.

Our teams are available to accompany you in the field and to explore every solution in order to satisfy your requirement


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